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  • Saw savings on the first tank go to 23% on a 2006 Optima. Cal, NC
  • 2000 Lexus LX470 got 18 mpg highway. After, went up to 22 mpg. a 23% increase! Johnny, NC
  • 2006 H3 Hummer 13 to 18 mpg (town) after two weeks! it keeps getting better! Rob, NC 2001 V8 Mercury Marquis 19 to 25 city, 25 to 32 Hwy. BL, NY
  • Volvo engine had carbon knock; would not pass emissions. Thought it needed a valve job. After installation, 327 miles to the tank went to 486, an increase of 159, more power & knock disappearded – do not need valve job, car passed emissions! Cannot thank you enough. JV, Chevrolet Mechanic, NY

EnviroMagnetics GSS (Gasoline Super Saver) Technology – Mileage Testing

EnviroMagnetics GSS (Gasoline Super Saver) Technology – Emissions Testing

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