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EnviroMagnetics Natural Water and Fuel Conditioning Systems
Earn 20% commission helping people save money and the environment

Free-Energy Environmental Systems
Hard Water ● Fuel ● Pools & Spas ● Gardens + Crops

Green Energy Affiliate

Note from inventor Peter Kulish: Hi, years ago I was amazed when I found out that the natural energy of magnetism could save energy, money and reduce chemical and air pollution while also reducing costly maintenance for anyone who has hard water or uses fuel.

Then I found out magnetized energy water substantially increases plant and vegetable growth for the gardener or farmer and when the proper field is applied to a pool or spa, people report it makes the water crystal clear and feels silky and soft to swim in.  Testing proves a 30-50% savings on chemical needs and maintenance as it naturally kills off pathogens; all very important to the bather and owner.

As a result of 6years of applied research, I was able to design the most powerful, easy-to-install system in the world: the Monopolar Clamp-on system. As a result, starting in 1985, hundreds of thousands of these systems were installed in homes and industry worldwide which are still working today.  

Then in 2009, the extremely high price of the Powerful Rare Earth Super Magnets went down suddenly making them available; that is when I designed the new EnviroMagnetics systems. At 1/5th the size and 14 times more powerful than the original systems, they do the job a little faster, are a little easier to install and still come with a money-back guarantee and  a Lifetime Power Warranty. That means they last forever so that your grandchildren’s  grandchildren will be able to enjoy their benefits.

Affordable Pricing

And last but not least, since we did not set up a dealer operation with these more Advanced Powerful Systems, we are able to offer them at wholesale pricing which is 50% less than retail – making these important Free-Energy Environmental Systems completely affordable.

Affiliate Program

Now if you are interested in helping a friend or want to start a business helping others save money, grow food and reduce pollution, you can sign up for our Affiliate program. It doesn’t cost anything to join and you will make 20% commission on every sale referred by you or your site.

I want to thank you for any contribution you make in helping reduce water, air and chemical pollution. It is important that we all contribute to make sure this world is a safer place. Thank you in advance for your help.


Peter Kulish


Just click below to join and signup. You will need a PayPal account to get paid. Either use your account or get a free account at – it’s fast and easy.

Then start sharing EnviroMagnetics simple, advanced benefits by email, social media or web sites to help people save money, grow food, and reduce pollution.


If someone needs help for their hard water, natural gas or oil savings, swimming pool, spa or growing food, send them your link with the appropriate EnviroMagnetics URL page.

To help many people, go to Creatives and post a general ad or video and post by email, social media or anywhere the message would be seen.

Earn Commissions

Commissions: You will receive 20% commission on every sale of every client from your promotion and 20% commission on further purchasea by that client.

If your client signs up as an Affiliate, you will receive 10% of their commission.

Questions: [email protected]

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