Electron Microscopy of the Magnetic Hardwater Softener Making Hard Calcium Scale Soft

Both pictures are the same image resolution scale. About 5 mm corresponds to 1 micrometer. These pictures are before and after (Kulish Monopolar) Magnetic Softener treatment of hard water that is supplied for use in industrial production. Both the normal and treated hard water were left to dry on a substrate and then viewed through an electron microscope for a comparative study.

The left picture (untreated) shows the normal, large hard calcite crystals of scaled calcium. The right picture (treated) shows the changed hard calcite crystals into the smaller, separate non-scale forming crystals of soft aragonite calcium which, like sugar or salt in water, simply dissolve into the soft treated water and wash away. These microscopic pictures show how hard water and its scale immediately changes into soft, scale-free water just passing through the Powerful EnviroMagnetics Magnetic Monopolar Softener.

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