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What Others Say About Monopolar Hardwater Super Softener Technology

What Others Say About  Monopolar Hardwater Super Softener Technology

“Love the quality of the water.. amazing. I am really happy about my magnetic water system.. if only people knew how good it is.. Thanks… I forgot to mention that cleaning up is much easier with the water. The shower doesn’t accumulate the soap scum on the walls.. the sink is much cleaner.” normanortimona89 (August 2020)

“Buy EnviroMagnetics Water Softening system. It works! I did nothing but apply it to my water pipes and now the shower head has de=scaled its self, and the glass shower door is de-scaling its self as well. I did clean one with vinegar to see if the water spots would return, and they have not in the few months we have been using the magnets from Peter, and the one that was left water spotted is slowly becoming cleaner with no effort from me. I did not think about this when we got the system, but it has been a pleasant benefit and made things much easier on me.” MT

Hard, smelly, difficult to drink water changes into amazing, drinkable soft water: “I added the EnviroMagnetics Water Softener to my condo in Sarasota, where the water is hard, smelly and difficult to drink due to its unpleasant taste. Installed in less than 15 minutes with no tools at all! The first thing noticed.. how clean my dishes were. . was actually shocked when I unloaded the dishwasher. The plates sparkled!.. always thought they were clean, but now they shone! Then, the laundry was cleaner, no more phantom yellow stains…Suddenly, the water no longer smelled, and it was drinkable! Just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, I invited 3 neighbors in and gave them drinks right from the tap. They were absolutely amazed. . just arrived back in Toronto and installed the system.. can hardly wait to do my laundry and dishes!!” Mom, Toronto, Ontario

Thanks Peter ! I have had your magnets on my water pipes for years! I could tell right away how much softer the water was!!! MR

We have hard water in our area. When I got my first home, I put the Monopolar softening system on the plumbing. As I wheel-barreled the salt softener to the trash, I realized my neighbors are spending a lifetime hauling expensive salt or chemicals to condition their hard water. Then about 6 years ago, we moved into a home that needed a dishwasher and a lot of fixtures replaced because of the damage from the hard water. We installed the EnviroMagnetics Hardwater Super Softener and have never ever had another hardwater problem. PK

EnviroMagnetics Softener on Hot Water Solar Panel – I installed one of your magnetic water softener units on the input to my hot water solar panel.  In the past when I would pressure flush the panel once a year, I would get discolored solids in the water as the scale broke loose. Now, after installing the magnets, the water flushes clear even after a year of use.  I also use the magnets on my cold water input and my hot water tank output.  I would not be without this system of soft-water  treatment.  It really makes a difference.

Danny N,  Cocoa Beach, FL August 2022

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