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Thank you for your interest in our fuel saving technology. There are a few things you should know when purchasing a magnetic fuel saving system. First, simple magnets placed on the fuel line will not work. It requires some very complicated engineering to make a system that works correctly.

If you do a search on “fuel magnets”, there are a number of NEGATIVE REPORTS and rightfully so.

Although some fuel magnets worked OK on old carbureted engines, the Single Fuel Magnets Do Not Work Well on Fuel Injection because it only treats the fuel which throws off the crucial fuel to air ratio so important for combustion efficiency.

Our Technology is Different. The GSS is an Engineered Monopolar System that Treats Both the Fuel and Air which maintains the fuel to air ratio while energizing the combustion process.

If you did a search, you also found that they never tested any of my Mark 1, 2, or 3 GSS System Technology.

We have always wondered why the Negative Reporting Agencies would only test the single fuel magnets and not our system. We believe they didn’t want to have to report about our working technology because the [oil] industry would not like that information going out.

To see the tests on my Monopolar System Technology, click here unless you have already reviewed the US Air Force, Certified Multi-State emissions testing, National / International Government and EPA laboratories, Auto Manufacturers, commercial/ private laboratories and private clients. As you review the tests, you will see as the designs advanced, the test results increased.

Note on emissions testing and Stabilization Period:
Once the GSS is installed, depending upon your city / highway mix of driving, it takes on average 2 – 5 tanks of fuel to stabilize the engine and the computer to the higher octane of the treated fuel. Your engines economy may start to climb, but once the system and computer stabilizes, your economy will suddenly jump and the engine will start saving.

We fully guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your savings or your money back.

Sincerely, Peter Kulish

and Start Saving

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