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Home Heating FAQs

Q. Is it hard to install the Fuel Super Saver? It goes on in minutes with plastic tie straps which require no tools except a pair of scissors if you want to cut off the excess strap. Please see the installation picture.

Q. How long does it take the Fuel Super Saver to start saving money? The Fuel Super Saver works instantly to reduce heating costs the moment it is installed. Unless it is an unusually warm month, most people report the first cold month savings is often more than the system costs. On the Natural Gas, savings will continue to go up for a month as the system stabilizes with the steel piping.

Q. Are there any adjustments that should be made? Upon installation, it is suggested for the greatest savings that your furnace/boiler service technician to re-calibrate the fuel/air ratio so that Super Saver will provide the greatest savings for a lifetime

Q. What kind of results will the Fuel Super Saver produce? EnviroMagnetics guarantees a minimum of 12% savings; most people have reported greater savings – see test results and videos. People are saving thousands yearly. If you want to figure out your savings, call your fuel/utility dealer and ask him to calculate your recent fuel use to the actual degree days. He can tell you exactly what you saved your first month’s use. If you move, take the system with you.

Q. What is the projected savings if I already have a 90% efficient furnace? Most people with a 90% efficient furnace think that all they can get is another 10% savings at best. That is a misunderstanding. The remaining increase in efficiency is geometric in nature and has been reported as high as 20%-25%. Homes or small business heating systems get higher results than commercial or industrial sized systems. Another issue about furnace efficiency is very similar to the gas industry pushing natural gas as a clean burn. When the emissions are measured, there is a lot of HC & CO besides the other emissions that are found. These particular emissions are unburned fuel and when burned thoroughly, they give the high savings. It takes a lot of emissions to save 25% so please understand that gas is not really a clean burning fuel.

Q. Is there anything I need to do after installing my Fuel Super Saver? Most customers simply enjoy the savings. Some people turn their heat back up since they can now afford a warmer house. When the heater technician comes for his yearly maintenance, you might want to tell him that you are using the Fuel Super Saver to make sure he doesn’t remove it. Many technicians often wonder why the firebox in the heater is so clean; because the fuel burns better and does not leave soot and carbon (unburned fuel) behind. When he does his normal cleaning and adjustment, the system will deliver a little more savings.

Q. How long will my Fuel Super Saver last? Your Fuel Super Saver comes with a Lifetime Power Warranty to the original purchaser. It is made with permanently energized, high-powered magnetic alloys that literally do not wear out. The new and improved EnviroMagnetics technology evolved from the inventor’s original technology which has been working for years in tens of thousands of applications worldwide. There has never been a warranty power replacement, However, EnviroMagnetics will replace [free of charge] any Fuel Super Saver that has lost its power.

Q. Will the Fuel Super Saver affect my heater’s factory warranty? The EnviroMagnetics Fuel Super Saver does not affect any furnace, heater, or any other gas or oil-fired appliance warranty. Since there are no moving parts and the energy field only treats the fuel, there are no warranty issues. In the tens of thousands of application worldwide, the technology has never once interfered with any warranty.

Q. What if I am not happy with its results? This would be highly unusual, but the Fuel Super Saver comes with an Ironclad Satisfaction Money-Back 90-day Guarantee. If there is any reason you are not satisfied with it the first 90 days, return it to your dealer or the address in the box if purchased direct from EnviroMagnetics with a copy of your receipt. Your money will be happily returned.

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