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Electron Microscope Soft Water Test

Hardwater Costs a Lot of Money

Replacing scale ruined faucets, shower heads, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters and plumbing costs a lot of money.

The US Government reports: Heating water through 3/8”-1/2” of scale costs 48%-60% more energy – literally heating through rock before heating the water. A scaled water heater can easily cost a family of 4 an additional $600-$1000 a year. But how do you get rid of the scale?

Salt softeners stop the scaling, but they are expensive; come with a lifetime of monthly costs, do not eliminate any previous scale buildup and the salt ends up in our drinking water – not a great bargain.

Electronic softeners like magnetic conditioners, use electromotive energies to make the water soft, but are very expensive !!

EnviroMagnetics Hardwater Super Softener Saves Money

With millions in R&D, EnviroMagnetics Hardwater Super Softener (HSS) is the latest generation of the original Monopolar System that broke through the power barrier that has enabled permanent guaranteed, water softening to tens of thousands of home owners worldwide.

The EnviroMagnetics HSS is over 14 times more powerful that the original Monopolar System. Made with extremely strong Neodymium Super magnets, the HSS literally makes the water so soft, all the scale in the plumbing, heater and washing appliances dissolves like sugar and goes down the drain. For Electron Microscope Pictures of the Monopolar System turning hard scale (calcite) into dust (aragonite) – click here

Save Money, Energy and Maintenance

• Naturally softens water
• Reduces shampoo and soap needs
• Reduces water heating costs
• Extends water heater & appliance life
• Use no external power
• Goes on it 5 minutes without tools
• Lasts a lifetime

• No monthly softener maintenance costs
• Eliminates and prevents scale build-up
• Works on all piping – steel, PVC, copper
• Helps neutralize corrosive water
• Helps eliminate green stains
• Lifetime Power Warranty
• Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Enjoy natural soft water. People always remark how soft and silky their hair feels from bathing in naturally softened water; how the dishes and clothing are cleaner; and how the hardwater stains dissolve.

What Others Say About Monopolar Hardwater Softener Technology Comparison Chart of Water Softeners

Lifetime Power Warranty • Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Installs in Minutes with No Tools No Maintenance Ever

Standard Hardwater Super Softener
2 Unit System Super Softener For Homes with Water Heater Tank

Treatment Unit

Treatment Unit

Heavy Duty Hardwater Super Softener 3 Unit System Heavy Duty Hardwater Super Softener 
For Homes with a Winter/Summer Furnace or Tank-less Water Heater

Treatment Unit

Treatment Unit

High Powered Magnetic Alloys – TS/ISO 9001: 2008Magnetic Alloys – TS/ISO 9001: 2008

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