Ionically hydrates and dissolves the scale buildup, resulting in naturally formed softwater, scale-free piping and processing equipment. It helps to neutralize corrosion by binding the hydronium and hydroxyl ions to the water molecules. The result produces a neutralizing effect.

EnviroMagnetics Patented MonoPolar Hard Softener System is the most powerful, guaranteed system available.


• Elimination and prevention of scale build-up
• Elimination of toxic scale-reducing chemicals
• Works on all piping – steel, PVC, copper
• Balances pH without dangerous chemicals
• Buffers pH, neutralizes corrosive water
• Reduces use of flocculants and soap
• Reduces algae and biocide requirements
• Reduces/eliminates costly maintenance/downtime
• Increases thermal transfer efficiency
• Requires no power, salt or chemicals
• Saves fuel and energy costs
• Naturally softens water – reduced surface tension
• Environmentally friendly
• Simple to Install
• Guaranteed, Lifetime power warranty

System Applications are Non- Intrusive

No Degradation, Cross Contamination or Contact with Process Fluids

MonoPolar Applications

Water and Steam boilers • Heat Exchangers and Tubing Chillers & Evaporators • Cooling & Cracking Towers Cooling Towers • Condensers Boilers • Process Equip Scrubbers Injection Mold Machines • Heat Pumps • Distillers • Industrial Machines • Engines Spas • Pools Fountains • Dishwashers Laundries Drycleaners Car Washes • Apartments • Mfg Commercial Coffee and Ice Makers • Fire Engine Pumps

MonoPolar Clients

Governmental Clients: US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India, Japan, France, Poland and South America in Offices, Penitentiaries, Pools and Vehicles, Water Treatment Plants. Non-Governmental Clients include Amusement Parks, Auto Manufacturers, Bakeries, Car Washes, Distillers, Farms, Industrial Machines, Laundries and Dry Cleaning, Hotels and Motels, Manufacturers, Property Managers, Restaurants and Cafeterias, Ship builders – wherever Process water is required.

Material: Permanent ceramic and rare earthalloys With PolyVinyl or Delrin® covering

Power rating: 1.5 – 45 MGOe ISO/TS16949, ISO 9001:2008

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Save Money & Energy • Reduce Maintenance & Pollution

World’s Most Powerful Systems

EnviroMagnetics Money-Back Guarantee Limited Lifetime Power Warranty


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