Fight the High Cost of Fuel Oil

The Home & Small Business Fuel Oil Super Saver
12% Guaranteed Residential Savings
Many report much higher Savings
More Heat from Less Fuel = a Lifetime of Big Savings

The Home & Small Business Fuel Super Saver is an easy to use, fuel-saving conditioner for Fuel Oil heating systems. Based on years of application, it uses NASA magnet fuel science to make the fuel release more energy resulting in using less fuel to maintain the same heat. Consumers report quick payback and savings – see below videos/tests.

Note from Inventor: On a personal note, my family’s house had a heating history of averaging of 1300 gallons of fuel oil a year when we moved in. We have an older furnace and after seven years, the company just told us that our average is only 780 gallons. Personally, I have saved tens of thousands in fuel oil since I first started using the technology years ago. Now you know why people get excited about the savings. Peter

Installs in minutes, it is guaranteed to reduce heating costs for both home and small businesses.

Scientific Explanation

It is hard to believe that this fuel saving technology saves a lot of money by making the fuel burn better – just take a look at the laboratory test. The new, improved EnviroMagnetics Home and Small Business Fuel Oil Super Saver provides even greater savings than the original monopolar technology that is currently used by tens of thousands of consumers worldwide to save on their heating costs.
Normal Poor Combustion
Wasted Fuel, High Emissions
Super Saver Good Combustion
Fuel Savings, Low Emissions

Frequently Asked Questions
Fuel Oil Super Saver
Fuel Oil Install

Home & Small Business Fuel Oil Super Saver simply clamps-on in minutes with tie-straps. They are made from advanced, permanently powered, magnetic alloys that never wear out and deliver the greatest fuel savings ever designed.

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee,
Lifetime Power Warranty
Fuel Oil Super Saver

The Fuel Oil Super Saver is placed just before the burner.

Note: The Fuel Oil Super Saver starts to save fuel and money immediately and within 3-4 days, fully stabilizes for major savings. When the technician normally adjusts the fuel/air ratio during the yearly furnace/boiler cleaning, an additional small percentage of savings will be achieved. These savings will last for a lifetime.

Material: Permanent Neodymium & Ferrite Alloys, Delrin® Covering ISO/TS16849, ISO 9001:2008


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