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Welcome to the wonderful world of EnviroMagnetics money-saving, food growing, pollution reducing technology!

As the inventor, a few words are in order. Years ago, I was intrigued to learn that magnetism could make hard water soft and fuel burn better. This meant that costly toxic chemicals could be eliminated and pollution could be reduced all while saving money.

Breakthrough Discovery

Impassioned by the technology, I worked for a number of years designing and testing until I discovered the Monopolar Clamp-on Flux Driver – the first Easy-to-Install, Powerful Home System Guaranteed to Work.

Working on all pipes including steel, the Monopolar Clamp-on technology softened hard water [with the minerals in it] and reduced fuel costs and air pollution over 25%.

Later we learned that the Energy Water would make the pool / hot tub water crystal clear and safer with 50% less chemicals and that Energy Water made crops increase their yields 100%-300% with less water.

Saving Millions Daily

Through the years, consumer and commercial Monopolar Systems have been installed in over 100 countries saving millions in water and fuel water costs while increasing yields and profits in agriculture.

Systems go on in minutes and work silently saving you money forever.

Thanks again for your interest and welcome to the world of EnviroMagnetics Free-Energy Technology.

All the best,

Peter Kulish
[email protected]

Interested in Biomagnetism and health,  go to www.Biomagscience.Net and see the amazing breakthroughs in resolving pain and illness.

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