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Chlorine causing cancer

The Centre of Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) has announced that swimming in chlorinated pools can cause an increased risk of cancer in bathers. “The evidence of genotoxic effects were observed in 49 healthy adults after swimming for 40 minutes in a chlorinated indoor pool.

Reducing Chlorine Increases Health

The co-director of CREAL said “The positive health impacts of swimming can be increased by reducing the levels of these [chlorine] chemicals.”

Energizer Reduces Chemicals

The EnviroMagnetics Pool and Hot Tub Water Energizer increases a healthy swimming environment by reducing the chlorine needed to sanitize the water. By bonding the chlorine to the water molecules, the Energized chlorine no longer attacks and irritates the skin and eyes and the treated chlorine does not evaporate as quickly as untreated pool water and as a result, a large reduction of chlorine is required to sanitize the water.

The EnviroMagnetics Pool and Hot Tub Water Energizer also stabilizes the pH resulting in less pH chemicals. The Energizer provides naturally soft, silky smooth clear water with less chemicals and maintenance. Using the most advanced rare-earth magnetic technology in the industry, the Pool and Hot Tub Energizer treats the water naturally, silently, and permanently never using any external energy. Click here for University testing.

Clear Water • Saves Money
More Time for Fun


Soft silky water with no chemical skin and eye irritation.

Saves Money by reducing sanitizing (chlorine and bromine) chemicals 50%.

pH stabilizes reducing and eliminating most pH chemicals.

Less Chemicals = Healthier water

Reduced Chemical Smell for “in-door” pools as chemicals bond to water molecules and does not evaporate as gas.

Crystal Clear Water with improved filter performance and better water chemistry.

Scale and Scum are removed with energized water.

Large Maintenance Reduction as the Pool and Spa Conditioner help keep water chemistry stabilized.

Monopolar Pool Water Testing

Laboratory testing of the Pool and Hot Tub Technology was conducted by Crippen Laboratories in the US and Cranston University in the UK. Testing confirmed that Monopolar treatment greatly decreases pool bacteria, reduces chemical needs and increases clarity.

Get a Natural Gas/Propane Super Saver
Save 20% – 25% of your Pool/Spa Heating Costs

Pool Super Conditioner
2 rings of 3 Energizers
Tandem System

Hot Tub/Spa Super Conditioner
1 Ring of 3 Energizers

World’s Most Powerful Systems

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