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EnviroMagnetics Mission Statement

To provide all of humanity with permanent money-saving solutions that substantially and permanently reduce the cost of living while producing healthier water and air quality through our advanced, inexpensive Green Energy Technology. The technology provide savings through by electromotively changing the atomic structure of the fluid.

With 4 decades of research, development and application in sustainable energy products worldwide, EnviroMagnetics’ Green Energy Technologies increase the efficient use of water conditioning for the home and industry and fuel savings and reduced pollution for the home and motorcycle.

By magnetically (electromotively) restructuring the atoms of the fluid, the following benefits are achieved in water and fuel conditioning:

  1. A lifetime of savings of safe, energy/chemical-free natural water softening; literally dissolves former hardwater scale to save money.
  2. Increases combustion efficiency of Natural Gas, Fuel Oil in the Home and Gasoline for Motorcycles. Substantial savings on fuel costs, air pollution reduction and increased engine power.
  3. Swimming or Bathing- the water is soft, silky, and made safe from the chlorine or other sanitizers no longer attack the skin. Crystal clear water with reduced maintenance and chemicals.
  4. Agricultural technology provides substantially increased crop yields for the gardener and farmer while significantly reducing water requirements and eliminating all mineral buildup maintenance.

All EnviroMagnetics products are natural, last forever and come with a Lifetime Power Warranty.



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