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Commercial Hard Water Softener

Ionically hydrates and dissolves the scale buildup, resulting in naturally formed softwater, scale-free piping and processing equipment. It helps to neutralize corrosion by binding the hydronium and hydroxyl ions to the water molecules. The result produces a neutralizing effect.

EnviroMagnetics Patented MonoPolar Hard Softener System is the most powerful, guaranteed system available.


• Elimination and prevention of scale build-up
• Elimination of toxic scale-reducing chemicals
• Works on all piping – steel, PVC, copper
• Balances pH without dangerous chemicals
• Buffers pH, neutralizes corrosive water
• Reduces use of flocculants and soap
• Reduces algae and biocide requirements
• Reduces/eliminates costly maintenance/downtime
• Increases thermal transfer efficiency
• Requires no power, salt or chemicals
• Saves fuel and energy costs
• Naturally softens water – reduced surface tension
• Environmentally friendly
• Simple to Install
• Guaranteed, Lifetime power warranty


System Applications are Non- Intrusive

No Degradation, Cross Contamination or Contact with Process Fluids


MonoPolar Applications

Water and Steam boilers • Heat Exchangers and Tubing Chillers & Evaporators • Cooling & Cracking Towers Cooling Towers • Condensers Boilers • Process Equip Scrubbers Injection Mold Machines • Heat Pumps • Distillers • Industrial Machines • Engines Spas • Pools Fountains • Dishwashers Laundries Drycleaners Car Washes • Apartments • Mfg Commercial Coffee and Ice Makers • Fire Engine Pumps

MonoPolar Clients

Governmental Clients: US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India, Japan, France, Poland and South America in Offices, Penitentiaries, Pools and Vehicles, Water Treatment Plants. Non-Governmental Clients include Amusement Parks, Auto Manufacturers, Bakeries, Car Washes, Distillers, Farms, Industrial Machines, Laundries and Dry Cleaning, Hotels and Motels, Manufacturers, Property Managers, Restaurants and Cafeterias, Ship builders – wherever Process water is required.

Material: Permanent ceramic and rare earthalloys With PolyVinyl or Delrin® covering

Power rating: 1.5 – 45 MGOe ISO/TS16949, ISO 9001:2008

EnviroMagnetics Hard Water Softener 
Saves Money

With millions in R&D, EnviroMagnetics Hard Water Softener (HWS) is the latest generation of the original Monopolar System that broke through the power barrier that has enabled permanent guaranteed, water softening to tens of thousands of home owners worldwide.

The EnviroMagnetics HWS is over 14 times more powerful that the original Monopolar System. Made with extremely strong Neodymium Super magnets, the HWS literally makes the water so soft, all the scale in the plumbing, heater and washing appliances dissolves like sugar and goes down the drain.

How Monopolar Water Softening Works

Basic hard water contains dissolved solids of calcium salts, mostly calcium bicarbonate which comes from limestone rock. Most people do not know that hard limestone rock is a mineral salt that dissolves in water as TDS (total dissolved solids) which travel up into the plumbing where it reforms as rock scale buildup. This occurs because there is a natural electromotive potential [difference] between the limestone and the water which dissolves the limestone.

The resulting charge between the water and the TDS of calcium is in the negative mV (millivoltage) range. The negative charge creates what is known in physics as “down-spin” which contracts the bond-lengths (distance) between the atoms and molecules making the water denser with higher surface tension. The hard water’s high surface tension allows only so many TDS in its solution until it reaches the saturation point. Once the water’s saturation point is met, any additional soluble calcium is mechanically pushed out of the water to crystallize (nucleate) back into the hard-rock scale buildup known as calcite (shown below in the electron microscope pictures on the web site) inside the plumbing. In heating water (phase change), the greater molecular activity of the heat increases the nucleation is the reason why there is greater scale buildup in heaters or boilers than in the piping.

What EnviroMagnetics Monopolar technology does is increase the water’s solvency and softness by treating it with a positive charge which expands (“up-spin”) the atomic and molecular bonds which substantially reduces the surface tension making the water naturally soft. The lowered surface tension substantially increases the TDS saturation point which naturally hydrates the calcite scale buildup in the plumbing in the same mechanical action when it originally dissolved it in the earth. The increased solvency turns the hard calcite scale into soft aragonite (shown below in the electron microscope pictures on this web page) which dissolves and is carried down the drain. The result is the water is soft and the system is descaled – literally taking the equipment and plumbing system back to pre-scale operating efficiency substantially reducing the heating cost and equipment replacement costs. 

Electron Microscopy of the Magnetic Hardwater 
Softener Making Hard Calcium Scale Soft


Both pictures are the same image resolution scale. About 5 mm corresponds to 1 micrometer.These pictures are before and after (Kulish Monopolar) Magnetic Softener treatment of hard water that is supplied for use in industrial production. Both the normal and treated hard water were left to dry on a substrate and then viewed through an electron microscope for a comparative study.

The left picture (untreated) shows the normal, large hard calcite crystals of scaled calcium. The right picture (treated) shows the changed hard calcite crystals into the smaller, separate non-scale forming crystals of soft aragonite calcium which, like sugar or salt in water, simply dissolve into the soft treated water and wash away. These microscopic pictures show how hard water and its scale immediately changes into soft, scale-free water just passing through the Powerful EnviroMagnetics Magnetic Monopolar Softener.

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Save Money & Energy • Reduce Maintenance & Pollution

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