Taste and Power Demonstration Kits

Great for smooth tasting coffee or acid-free
grapefruit juice or making a great wine

Since powerful magnetic fields safely change a liquid's atomic structure and therefore its taste, we are introducing the Flavorizer taste demonstration with the powerful BiomagScience Super BioMagnet used as the Flavorizer to show how a strong magnet can make wine, water and all drinkable liquids change and taste better. Fun and healthy to do with your potable liquids, the Flavorizer shows how a strong magnetic field can change a liquid so much that not only will it make wine, coffee, water or any drinkable liquid taste much better and make it much more healthy due to its structural change, but it also shows how EnviroMagnetics Powerful Magnetic Systems can make hard water soft, pools safer from less chorine, vegetables grow bigger and fuel burn better. The following pictures show how to place the "Flavorizer" under a bottle of wine, juice, soda, water or how to energize cold or hot tea, coffee, juice, or water by simply placing the Flavorizer Red Positive or Green Negative against the side of the glass or cup. Using the Flavorizer on the bottle will have a different taste than against the glass or cup since the “energized” liquid will aerate as it flows through the air before it goes into the glass.

Red Positive provides a Smooth Taste • Green Negative provides a Rich Taste

It is recommended when doing a Flavorizer taste demonstration, the Positive Red is tasted first, then the Negative Green and the natural tasted last. Tasting the smooth first, then the rich and then the natural will keep from burning the tongue's palate if the natural is very bitter which can sometimes ruin the taste test. It's fun to do the full taste test at dinner - just remember to taste the Positive first. Unless it is a young rough grape which may need the Red Positive to make it decent to drink, normally most wine drinkers use the Green Negative to make a good wine great. Warning: taste testing at restaurants may create a party.

Sodas and beer suds will change with both Positive and Negative. Negative immediately ameliorates a decent wine into a great wine or a decent champagne into a great champagne. For bitter coffee, try the Red Positive. Another remarkable taste test is the change of heavy citric grapefruit juice. People who could not drink it before, now enjoy it with the removal of the heavy acidity with the Red Positive side.




EnviroMagnetics Focus Power Demonstration Kit

The Focus Power Demonstration kit shows that there is a major difference between magnetic systems and that a properly designed, focus field like the EnviroMagnetics Energizers is very powerful – the necessary requirement to ensure a system’s efficacy.

EnviroMagnetics was founded on the original Monopolar breakthrough treatment that gave 100% guaranteed results on steel pipe in a clamp-on system. All EnviroMagnetics Energizers are highly focused powerful systems designed to affect every type of fluid (water or fuel) through steel pipe and every other type of pipe to provide guaranteed results.

1. Place Magnet on its side against the big Plate
2. Pass it around and have people pull it off

3. Place the metal plates on each side of the magnet

4. Pass it around and have people try to pull it off


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