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Commercial Savings

EnviroMagnetics Fuel Saver Technology saves you 12% or more on your fuel bill while helping to meet carbon credit targets and EPA clean-air regulations without the cost of scrubbers and emission reducing equipment. It is an easy to apply, fuel-saving technology that saves a substantial amount of fuel on all heating equipment using fuel and reduces your carbon footprint.

Based on years of application, it uses NASA magnet fuel science to increase combustion efficiency to make the fuel release more energy from less fuel resulting in savings and a substantial reduction of emissions. resulting in using less fuel to maintain the same heat.

Additional Benefits
• Dissolves/Eliminates varnish & carbon in injectors, jets, lines, valves, boilers and furnaces
• Reduces paraffin in tanks and lines • Reduces maintenance costs • Extends equipment life

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Apartment Buildings • Office Buildings • Power Stations • Water Heating
• Manufacturing • Mining Facilities • Chemical & Fuel Processing

 "Wherever fuel is burned for heating, EnviroMagnetics Fuel Saver
will provide savings and emissions reduction"

Save Money & Reduce Pollution
Available in all
Commercial & Industrial sizes

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Material: Permanent Neodymium and Ferrite Alloys, Polyvinyl, Delrin® Covering

ISO/TS16849, ISO 9001:2008

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